Why does your dog shed outside the shedding season? This is when to see a doctor!

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Hair shedding in the shedding period is completely normal. However, if it does not go away afterwards and continues into the autumn, there may be a possibility of illness. As soon as you notice that your dog has started to shed rapidly, seek medical attention immediately.


Just like hair loss in humans, significant amounts of hair loss in animals can also be a sign of disease.. If you notice that your pet is shedding its fur instead of growing it in preparation for winter, it is worth contacting a doctor immediately to check if there is an underlying disease that must be treated as soon as possible.

Causes of hair loss

In fact, hair loss can have many causes. In most cases, it is caused by a lack of something, but it can also be due to an inflammatory or bacterial infection. If the animal’s skin is red and inflamed, it is almost certain that a fungal or bacterial infection is present. Hereditary factors may also play a role in significant amounts of hair shedding. There may also be hormonal causes, such as a problem with the endocrine system, of which this phenomenon is one of the main symptoms. The range is very wide, from hormone disorders to thyroid problems. It is also common for similar symptoms to develop due to scabies, and allergies can also cause the phenomenon. In the worst case, hair loss is a symptom of cancer, in which case it can be life-saving if you start treatment early.

If your dog’s skin is sore, it is essential to seek medical attention.

There may be psychological causes for hair loss

As with humans, animals often have psychological rather than physical illnesses. A high level of stress is the main culprit. This can be triggered by moving, a new dog or a change in the family, such as the death of the owner or the birth of a child. In this case, however, hair loss is temporary and will stop as soon as the stressful period is over.

Against dog hair loss

If the owner knows the exact diagnosis, hair loss can be fought. By minimising the factors that cause stress, you can effectively reduce hair loss in the animal. Regular grooming is the key to prevention. It’s a good idea to comb through and inspect the coat daily, as it can easily harbour bugs, ticks or awn.

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