This is how the world’s worst herding dog works (video)

Hangai Lilla

2024. April 25 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The tiny sheepdog lacks neither enthusiasm nor determination, but its talent has yet to fully unfold. We simply love it!


Nelson, the Norfolk Terrier mix, with a completely new, unseen technique, using all his strength to try to direct the animals. It’s a fact that he wasn’t born a sheepdog, but he’s brave enough to break with tradition, try something new, and revolutionize the art of herding.

First of all, we must emphasize that we love Nelson, as do obviously the commenters and the sheep too. A user named Niggglebit writes about him like this: “He is actually the world’s best sheep dog. He does not rule through fear, he leads the herd through inspiration.”

DavidLS1 came to the same conclusion as we did: “Dogs have been herding sheep the same way for thousands of years. Nelson discovered a new way.”

And just as a side note, it’s not actually necessary to him to be good in herding, as Norfolk Terriers were originally bred for ratting and fox hunting.

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