How you take care of your dog’s ears in winter: extra protection may be needed

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2023. December 19 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Specific seasonal care becomes particularly meaningful as the cold winter sets in. While there is quite a bit of talk about these, fewer mention how indispensably important winter ear care is.


Dog’s ears are particularly sensitive, requiring regular care. However, many people don’t think about the idea of seasonally renewing this ritual, considering the prevailing weather conditions at the time.

Increased moisture content

As dogs are exposed to the changing seasons regardless of their location, special care must be taken to notice the seasonal changes. Since winter is always associated with higher moisture content, animals are more susceptible to ear infections. This is especially true if the pet suffers from any type of allergy. Therefore, it is crucial that the dog’s environment is dust- and dirt-free during this time. To achieve this, it is advisable to vacuum more frequently and to wash the dog’s bed and toys several times.

Regular grooming of your dog

It is worth emphasizing the importance of proper drying during this time. In winter, along with cleaning, this is the most crucial step because if the dog’s ears are even slightly damp when exposed to the cold, there is a high chance of developing some ear problems. These problems can be quite serious, causing significant pain and potentially leading to long-term hearing damage.

Use earplugs when bathing

During bathing, it’s advisable to use specially designed earplugs for dogs to prevent water from entering the dog’s ears. In addition to maintaining cleanliness in the pet’s environment, it’s recommended to clean the hair around the ears and the entire external ear canal twice a week. For this purpose, specialized ear care products should be used. If you notice a strange odor in the area, it’s essential to consult a veterinarian immediately, as an unpleasant smell often indicates an ear infection. Home care may not be sufficient at this point, and veterinary assistance is required.

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