5 ways to make your dog live longer: what the vet told you to look out for

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2023. September 23 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Every owner wants their pet to live as long as possible. The Your vet tells you what to do to help prolong your dog's life.


Our time is finite, we know that – and we know that the length of our lives depends largely on our lifestyle. With the right lifestyle choices, there is much that can be done to make life longer for both humans and animals. Jacqueline Boyd, a veterinarian at Trent University in Nottingham, says the following advice can help extend the life of your pet. So your dog can live a long, happy life.

Every owner wants their dog to live as long as possible.

1) Watch his shape!

Dogs are most likely to show around the waist if they are underweight. If you notice that your pet is starting to put on weight, reconsider his feeding habits and change them in consultation with your vet. A normal weight is the key to health and a longer life. Overweight is an indicator of many diseases, including joint wear and tear. Overweight dogs are also more prone to diabetes and cancer.

Not only the quantity of food, but also its quality is very important. This is the only way to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. If this is not the case, it is easy for the dog to become malnourished, which is just as dangerous as if it were to get fat.

2.) Walk as much as you can

We’ve explained in a number of our articles why it’s important for four-legged friends to get the amount of walking they need. They need it physically and mentally to get out and about every day. As well as helping to keep your dog’s weight under control, physical activity is also good for his mental health. Simply put, your dog will be happy. Plus, it’s good for your health too.

Swimming can also be a great activity, especially if your buddy can’t walk as much for whatever reason. So-called hydrotherapy has a lot of benefits for them.

3) Lifelong learning

No matter how old your pet is, he’s always ready to learn something new. It’s a misconception that only puppies and young adults need to be looked after! In addition, regular exercise can extend the life of the dog.

4) Strengthen the bond between you

The dog-owner relationship can be very special when both parties are totally devoted to the other. Dogs are incredibly affectionate creatures, so it’s your job as a pet owner to return the loyalty and love that surrounds your furry friend in the best possible way.

A good relationship will help both of you to relieve tension and stress, and as we all know, peace of mind is the secret to longevity. It’s simple things to think about when you’re strengthening your relationship: lots of activities together, long walks, fun games. And as a responsible pet owner, you do all these things for your dog anyway.

5.) Regular veterinary visits

Don’t just take your dog to the doctor when he have a problem! Regular check-ups can help prevent serious illnesses or catch problems early, allowing for more effective treatment. Don’t forget to get regular vaccinations, regular worming and control of other parasites such as ticks and fleas!

It’s also a good idea to discuss changes in your dog’s age and changing needs with the doctor from time to time, to ensure that your pet always gets the best food and care.

If you follow the above points, you will have done all you can to ensure that you and your beloved friend can share the joys of everyday life together for as long as possible.

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