6 dog breeds that bond with one person: you are the world to these dogs

Hangai Lilla

2022. October 10 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Do you remember Hachiko, who waited for his owner for nine years after the owner's death? Dogs are extremely loyal animals and can form deep bonds with their owners, but there are also some who are more attached than average. The behavior of such dogs depends on many factors such as breed and personality. Certainly, there are quite a few breeds whose character are clearly characterized by loyalty.


Some dogs are able to adore everyone they meet, while others develop a deeper bond with just one person, even within the family. We have prepared a summary of these special blocks today.

How do dogs develop this deep bond with a particular person?

In the first six months of life, puppies form the deepest bonds with those who care for them. For this reason, this socialization period is particularly important for them. If you know in the family that you are not the dog’s favorite, but you want to develop a more intimate relationship with it, we recommend that you feed it sometimes. Even by hand. With this behavior, you not only provide food, but you also pay attention to it, which our pets can appreciate terribly.

Another important factor is quality time spent together. You see, it’s almost like a relationship. The more time you spend with your dog, the stronger the bond between the two of you. It can be a walk, a trip, a game; it doesn’t matter, just be together.

In order for the communication to be smooth and for the dog to feel that he understands you and you understand him, it is definitely worth studying the dog’s body language a little and learning to love and care for him in the way that can be interpreted in his language. If you pay attention to these, not only will your four-legged friend be very happy, but you will also have a rented place in the corner of his little heart.

But let’s not waste any more time, we show you the ample arsenal of single-family blocks in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

1. Akita Inu

The Hachiko mentioned in the introduction was also an Akita, which is a good example of the deep bond this breed is capable of. Not only do they adore their owners, but they can also be particularly intolerant towards other people and strangers. Extremely clean and quiet dogs, they require an orderly and harmonious environment. Without socialization, they can become overly protective and difficult to handle, so they require an experienced and determined owner who takes care of their sensitive souls, but trains them consistently. Since it is a fairly intelligent breed, it requires regular and creative training.

They are strong, smart and dominant; we recommend them to households with no other pets.

2. German Shepherd

These dogs like to please the chosen and admired person. Due to their character, they are extremely loyal, but a little more reserved, so their attachment is not necessarily manifesting in physical contact. But it is certain that they feel the best when they can stay in the same airspace with the owner, whose every move they can watch. It is very important to keep in mind that because they are so attached to their owner, if they are alone for a long time, they can become depressed and destructive.

Like Akitas, they are intelligent and quick learners. They require a lot of care and occupation in the form of both physical and mental stimulation. Socialization is also crucial for German Shepherds so that they do not become insecure and fearful. Therefore, for the breed, the owner must also make constant efforts to feel loved and appreciated.

3. Brussels Griffon

These small dogs with a particularly charming appearance will surely become your shadow. You can’t and shouldn’t leave them alone for a long time, because they will suffer horribly. Thus, if you like to travel or you are often away due to your work and you cannot arrange for your pet to stay with you, you should choose another breed.

They really like to please their owners, so they are easy to train. But you have to be very careful to be gentle and kind with them throughout the training, because they are very sensitive creatures. We do not recommend it for families or children. A quiet little apartment and a lot of time spent together make them happy.

4. Australian Shepherd

It is an increasingly popular type in our country, we see one almost every time we walk downtown. This is probably due to the fact that they are extremely devoted and training them is a dream. But you have to pay close attention to the fact that the love they show for their owners can easily become obsessive, and thus raising them and living with them can be problematic. They need a lot of movement and tasks, so we only recommend them to active people with a lot of free time.

It is also true for them that they can become overly protective due to inadequate and little socialization. They need a lot of attention and consistent love, which will also make their training smooth. It is not necessarily the most ideal choice for children, and perhaps urban conditions are not the best when it comes to this breed. However, if you can arrange regular walks in nature and can also go to the dog school, there will probably be no problem.

5. Hungarian Vizsla

Vizslas are gentle, affectionate, loyal and playful dogs, with whom your life will be full of fun and laughter. Of course if you have enough time to deal with them. The longing for the owner can leave a serious mark on them, so choose this beautiful breed only if you are ready to invest time and energy in your relationship.

They need training to be handled, but they are really smart and like to please their owners, so the learning process won’t be long or difficult. Due to their sensitive personalities, they react very poorly to negative reinforcement, punishment and loud words. Their athleticism makes them excellent companions for sporty people. You can run and cycle with them, but you can also take them with you on longer tours.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla.

6. Bichon Havanese

These silky-haired, chubby cloud-like dogs are cheerful and can be said to be perfect companions for humans. They are social and adaptable, friendly with all people, but tend to bond with one person in particular, whom they will follow everywhere, no matter what.

They require little purposeful exercise, but they also have energy surpluses, which they like to use up during play and walks. Socialization is essential, otherwise their stubbornness will erupt like a volcano and it will be very difficult for them to achieve anything. They can also be ideal for families. The main thing is to play with them a lot and make them feel cared for through every ordinary little thing.

We know that it is very tempting to choose a breed like this, but you have also seen from our descriptions that with such a dog, even a little more responsibility falls on you than usual. Make a decision armed with self-knowledge!

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