This is how sick baby foxes are rehabilitated – video

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. May 2 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Heartwarming footage shows how animals in distress are rescued.


Wild animal rescue is a very specific area of animal welfare. Human intervention is the only hope for many animals in distress, and thanks to dedicated professionals, every year many babies are given a new chance at life. In the video below, you can watch the rehabilitation of a baby fox. After proper medical care, the little one can continue its life in the wild with its mate.

Wild animal rescue is not for everyone

When it comes to wild animals in need of help, it is important to remember that in videos like this one, the animals are always attended to by professionals. Although the task may seem simple at first (and the foxes are amazingly cute), as a layman it is forbidden to go anywhere near them. Unlike the man who decided to pet a a sleeping fox and didn’t realize how dumb he was being.

If you see an animal you think needs help, don’t try to solve the situation yourself. Notify the competent authorities, who have the right equipment and expertise.

But it is also common for the cub to be left alone by its mother just long enough to gather food. Many people misunderstand the situation and think the little animal is an orphan. The biggest mistake you can make is to disturb the baby, as this may cause the mother to reject it! That is why you should consult a professional who can assess the situation correctly.

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