Man petting a napping wild fox in the forest: video of the dangerous action

Hangai Lilla

2024. June 13 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The seemingly sweet and innocent act raises many questions.


The beautiful, wild beast slumbered in the forest’s covert until a passerby felt the need to pet the sleeping animal. Awakened, they first stretched out their limbs in relief, then was shocked to see what had happened to them. They ran away at once. But could not stop to look back from a safer distance; they themsleves found it hard to believe what had happened. The fox appears to have been dormant in a less secluded place. This may suggest that they were an inexperienced, young animal. We’ll explain in a moment why you should never do what the person who took the video did.

As humans expand, animals lose their habitat. Admittedly, it would have been terribly difficult not to want to take a closer look at this beautiful and peaceful creature, but as guests in their habitat, we owe it them not to put our smooth paw on everything. You can admire something, love it from a distance, without touching it, without disturbing it. We know that it takes a lot of self-control in certain situations. But to maintain the balance we still have to and we need to make the right choices.

On the other hand, even if you disagree with the above, it is important to know that rabies has also been detected in foxes in our country. One of the symptoms of rabies can be excessive tameness in an infected animal. To catch this fatal disease, you don’t need to be bitten by the animal, just touch their saliva. As we reported not long ago, the situation is very serious here, especially in the border areas with Ukraine, where an emergency vaccination was carried out in February.

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