Video of the heartwarming friendship between a dachshund and a seal

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2024. April 26 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Only a glass wall separates them.


The friendship between Stanley and Aayla, the dachshund and the seal, is heartwarming. Aayla lives in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, a safe haven for seals. They are involved in the capture, rehabilitation and release of injured seals and other marine animals. Or, if an animal cannot be released back into the wild, it is given a permanent home. And you can visit the residents, even with a dog, as you can see in the video.


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The story of the dachshund and the seal

They first met 4 years ago when Stanley, accompanied by his owner, visited the sanctuary. He arrived at Aayla’s pool wearing a designer sweater for the cold weather and a hoodie over his head. He climbed up onto the ledge to get a closer look at the seals, and one of them really caught his attention. Aayla didn’t delay, taking a closer look at the “wiener dog“, who, in the sweater and hoodie, probably looked a lot like a seal pup. The two of them interacted for about 20 minutes and took some rather cute pictures even with a glass wall separating them.

For Valentine’s Day the following year, the short-legged knight sent a card to the seal, who seemed to consider the offer. In 2022, Stanley visited Aayla again, this time in a more elegant outfit: a bow tie around his neck .

It may have been just a series of coincidences that the two “fell in love”, but one of the staff told the video makers that although Aayla seemed friendly with all dogs, she was especially interested in Stanley .

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