6 friendly dog breeds: they love everyone they meet

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2023. June 3 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

All dogs love their family, but not all dogs approach strangers with a wagging tail and ears perked up. We're not just talking about complete strangers, but also your next-door neighbour, distant relatives or colleagues. If it's important to you that your pet finds a common voice with everyone and you can take them anywhere without worrying that it's too stressful for them, check out the following breeds.


Although there is no hard and fast rule about which breeds will always be hearty, we can say that for the dogs listed below are more likely to do so. However, it’s good to keep in mind that early and sufficient socialisation and personality can make a big difference. And there’s nothing wrong if your pet values your company above all else and is more shy when it comes to meeting strangers. The company of a dog is a gift either way. Take a look of this 6 friendly dog breeds!

1.) Labrador Retriever

According to a survey by Hungary and the American Kennel Club the favourite breed in the United States for many years. With his friendly, open, active and playful personality, he can wrap his arms around anyone and doesn’t even need to make an effort.

It is also an excellent choice for families. They are patient with children and make contact with other dogs very easily. Thanks to their surprisingly high energy levels and intelligence, they are easy to teach and very keen to participate in activities such as camping and hiking.

Labrador Retriever is a very friendly dog.

2.) Boston Terrier

A huge personality in a compact size. When you meet a dog like this, it’s impossible not to get to know him. Their happy, friendly, outgoing personalities make them an instant centre of attention, and no one will have a problem with that.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also get on very well with children and are patient with them, which is not necessarily true of many small dogs. Although they need a lot of exercise, they can do very well indoors during the day, if the little geckos get their activity in the afternoons and weekends.

Boston Terrier.

3.) Beagle

The beagle was bred as a hunting partner for trackers in the UK but nowadays it is more of a family pet. A loyal friend, but also a fantastic playmate for the kids. But only as long as the yard is fenced in, which prevents the infallible sniffer from immediately chasing his body after his prey.

And plenty of exercise guarantees that you can snuggle up on the sofa with the family in the evening in peace and quiet. This is what we simply call idyll.

4.) Hungarian Vizsla

The pride of Hungary is famous not only for its magnificent appearance, but also for its fantastic nature. A clingy and affectionate sporting dog, with whom you can enjoy evenings watching TV, cuddling up and
and big outings are just as enjoyable
. He is known for his very strong bond with his owner; he is very happy to be present in family life and loves to see his fellow man happy.

But it is very important to bear in mind that a lot of physical and mental stimulation, so it is only recommended for owners with an active lifestyle.

5.) Pug

The naughty Pug was bred as a companion dog of the Chinese emperors. Nothing is more proof of its popularity than the fact that it is one of the most popular and well-known favourites today. These soft-coated dogs are often described as Boston Terriers: small dogs with big personalities.

Pugs are extremely sociable, they like to be with their family members and are always ready to meet some new friends.

6.) Golden Retriever

If you were to look up the dictionary next to the word friendly, you would surely find Golden Retriever
would be there. He is a loyal and always cheerful companion who is happiest when his owner is calm and content. Easy to train, intelligent breed.

They are very active dogs. So regular exercise is essential if we want to keep up their high spirits and enthusiasm.

What varieties would you add to the list? Have you ever had an experience where a less familiar breed has disproved your image of it?

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