This is what it means if your pet is napping in this position

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The pose your pet sleeps in says a lot. In the following article we explain the very typical posture.


Do you often find yourself spending time watching your sleeping four-legged friend? We understand, our dog friends are incredibly cute when they doze off. Did you know that besides the adorable sight, there is also a message in how the dog sleeps? Now we’re taking a closer look at a very distinctive sleeping position.

Your pet’s sleeping pose says a lot

Feet to the sky

You’ve probably seen your favorite pet lying on its back, legs stretched towards the sky while dozing off. This somewhat amusing sleeping position is both practical and paints a good picture of the relationship between you two.

Because the fact that the dog’s belly – the area where most vital organs are located – is exposed during sleep indicates complete trust in its surroundings and those around it. After all, in case of danger, no animal would expose itself to such vulnerability! So if your dog often dozes off exposing its belly, it means it trusts you unconditionally.

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The practical side, however, is cooling; in warm weather, the dog’s body ventilates much better this way. Additionally, it’s typical that they don’t lie on their back but on their stomach, stretching their legs in all directions, so to speak, spreading out. Cooler surfaces like kitchen tiles or bathroom floors provide extra cooling, so in warmer months, you may find your pet more often in these rooms.

Comfort and peace of mind

To help your dog feel comfortable, change its water several times a day, and even place extra drinking bowls around the house.

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