5 surprising gestures of the dog that says “I love you!”

Szénási Szimonetta

2023. June 4 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

There are obvious signs of a dog's love, and some that you might not at first think are real heart-to-heart messages.


Your pet is certainly to do strange things sometimes (often). They can be funny, annoying, and sometimes completely incomprehensible. But sometimes there’s only one reason for the eccentricities: to let you know how much they love you. And sometimes it’s simply the gesture behind the action that’s completely loving. Now let’s look at some of them!

The wet kiss is a sign of the love.

1.) Learn things for you

One of the nicest gestures is when your puppy performs just because he knows it will please you. I’m sure you’ve seen a four-legged dog “pistol-pointing” or a dog clapping to the beat. These actions don’t mean anything to them, but they learn them because they are smart and like to use their brains, as well as for the reward they get. And certainly because they see that it is important to the owner and makes them happy.

2.) It also participates in what makes no sense to him

This point is related to the previous one, but also includes any situation where the value to the dog is that you are there. Of course, it is of paramount importance that as a dog owner you organise your life and your pet’s daily life in a way that is satisfying and comfortable for the animal. But sometimes your dog will join you in an activity even though it’s not the right activity for him. But you, the centre of the world, are there and that is enough for him.

3) Kissing and hugging

Although there are many reasons for licking, one of them is an expression of love. For the same reason, your pet may sometimes jump on your neck – even literally, in the case of larger animals – to give you a hug. Although these signals are clear between humans, it can sometimes be deceptive for dogs to “throw themselves at you” (given that they can’t hug as gently as we can.) But know that even if sometimes awkwardly, this is still giving way to intense emotions.

4) Take inconvenience things

It’s also a common sight to see large dogs curled up in very small spaces just to be near their owners. For this reason, they can sometimes sleep in seemingly uncomfortable positions, or even curl up in front of the TV with their loved one.

5) Move the phone!

Have you ever had a pet that got grumpy, because you’ve been holding the phone? Maybe he tried to take it away from you? But he could also be dissatisfied with the time he spent on the computer, or household chores. They don’t want to annoy you, they just want your company and will try to let you know this in any way they can. After all, what could be more important than a good ball game?! We all know the answer: nothing.

Finally, here’s a video with examples of all the love languages and some funny moments:

Among other things, you can see how to crawl from the floor to the ground floor on your belly, using a special technique rather than falling. You can also witness how a dog plays chess, or how to manage sleeping in a car with a big animal behind you using you as a pillow.

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