It looks cute, but what this dog is doing is dangerous (video)

Molnár Enikő

2024. June 17 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The dog didn't hesitate; as soon as it noticed the food, it became unstoppable.


In the following video, we can observe a very hungry and particularly enthusiastic puppy.  It doesn’t wait a minute and dives right into its feeding bowl. The crowned king of fast eating finishes the scattered food in no time, as if it had been waiting for this all day. The wonderful part of the story is that it woke up from its deepest sleep for those few delicious bites.

On a more serious note

The video is very cute, and we melt at the sight of the enthusiastic Beagle puppy. But there are a few important things to note about this scene. The dog is gobbling up the food very quickly, which isn’t good for several reasons. First, it can choke on the dry kibble, which in the worst case could lead to suffocation due to the frantic eating. Secondly, the food eaten at such a fast pace without chewing can cause problems once it reaches the stomach, including bloating, stomach aches. Or even more serious conditions like gastric or intestinal torsion, which can quickly become fatal for the dog.

How to limit fast eating?

There are many techniques to prevent problems caused by gobbling food. Some swear by using anti-gulping bowls, while others turn meal times into a skill game so that the dog can only eat a little bit of food at a time. Some people spread the food on a flat plate or even on the floor in smaller portions (though not everyone would support this). And there are those who combine the useful with the pleasant: using the food as a reward treat. This way, the dog learns, can’t gulp down the food, and gets mentally tired. This means it’s less likely to move around after eating. Whichever method we choose, the key is always the same: to prevent the negative consequences of fast eating.

beagle dog eats fast dog video video

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