Every dog lost in the race, which was trolled by a rabbit (video)

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. May 9 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Incredible mishap caused none of the participants to reach the finish line.


A dog race is fundamentally about the speed, endurance, and strength of the participating dogs. This would have been the goal of the competition depicted in the video below as well, but no one expected an unforeseen visitor to arrive at the outdoor event. Namely, a rabbit running ahead of the dogs burning with the race fever. Surely no one is surprised by what happened next.

The mishap is understandable

Dogs participating in dog races focus all their attention on acquiring the prey during the race. Guided by their primal instincts, they dedicate all their energy to successfully completing the task – namely, catching the prey. Of course, this does not happen in a race, but it is understandable if the dogs in the footage were disturbed by the sight of real prey. Following their instincts, they immediately chased after it; it was surely no small task for their owners to gather them back again.

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