You are endangering your dog’s health if you use this in the summer heat

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There are situations when its use is necessary, but it matters which one you choose.


As responsible pet owners, it’s important to be aware of both proper pet care and the regulations in place. One such regulation is the use of muzzles, which is mandatory on public transportation. When choosing a muzzle for our pets, we must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages—especially during the summer heat. Below, we explain why it’s not advisable to use a fabric muzzle in the heatwave, particularly if you know your dog will have to wear it for an extended period due to a long journey.

Wearing a textil muzzle in the summer can be problematic for several reasons

Restricted Breathing and Overheating

One of the main disadvantages of a fabric muzzle is that it restricts the dog’s breathing. Since the primary purpose of the muzzle is to prevent biting, it needs to fit snugly over the dog’s snout to keep the mouth closed. However, dogs primarily cool themselves by panting, which they cannot do with a fabric muzzle. Prolonged use can lead to overheating and put the dog’s life at risk.

Skin irritation

An improperly fitted or incorrectly sized fabric muzzle can irritate the dog. The material rubbing against the skin can cause discomfort and in severe cases, even wounds, which pose increased risks in the summer heat. This issue is particularly problematic for breeds prone to drooling, as they cannot drip saliva with their mouths open. Unswallowed saliva can soak into the fabric, making it seem like the dog is constantly wearing a wet rag on its head.

When choosing a muzzle, the most important consideration should be ensuring that the dog can pant freely while wearing it

Not Able to Drink

In warm weather, it’s crucial for dogs to have access to an adequate amount of water. For instance, during a long train journey, it’s inevitable that the dog will need to be given water at least once. Many muzzles are designed to allow dogs to drink while wearing them, but fabric versions typically do not offer this feature.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the type of muzzle we choose for our pets. A fabric muzzle might not pose a problem during a short bus ride. However, for longer journeys, it’s advisable to select a muzzle that allows the dog to be as comfortable as possible. Our primary concern should be ensuring that the accessory does not hinder the dog’s ability to pant, as overheating poses the greatest risk in hot weather.

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