6 water games for your dog in the heat: how to cool and entertain them at the same time

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If your pet loves water and enjoys playing while cooling down in the summer, the following games are perfect for them!


In the scorching heat, dogs also appreciate a bit of refreshment. Many dogs love to splash in a pool, lake, or even a small basin to cool themselves down. In summer, it’s harder to get dogs to move, but it’s also not healthy for them to lie around all day stretched out on the tiles. With the following water games, you can get your pet moving and thinking while also letting them cool down.

Variations of Water Fetch

One of the most straightforward water games is water fetch. In this game, you simply throw your pet’s ball into the water, and they have to bring it back to you. You can play this at the beach, by the sea, or even at home in a kiddie pool, a sandbox filled with water, or anything suitable for the task.

In open, deep water, ensure that your dog is completely safe! If they haven’t swum before, get them accustomed to the water and understand their abilities before starting the fun!

You can make the game more exciting by throwing multiple objects into the water at once, and your dog will have to work hard to retrieve as many as possible. Choose items that are harder to keep afloat and require diving to fetch. This should be done in a pool rather than in natural water. If you have two kiddie pools or sandboxes, set them up at a distance from each other, and throw the toys into one, then the other, so your pet can run back and forth between them.

Dock jumping

Dock jumping is a canine water sport that has several variations. In this activity, dogs jump into the water from a dock or ramp to retrieve their toy. Some competitions measure distance, height, or speed. If you’re at a dog-friendly beach with a dock, you can try this with your pet if they love balls and water enough.

Tasty Treats from the Deep Water

In your home pool (whether small or large), you can play a game with your dog where they dive into the water for delicious treats. You can use treats frozen in ice or snacks that dissolve slowly in water, like pieces of carrot. Show your dog what you have in your hand, then toss it into the water. If the treat is really enticing, they’ll gladly jump in to splash around for it. This way, they not only cool off but also get rewarded for it!

The Magic of the Garden Hose

Many dogs truly enjoy playing with the garden hose, especially with the water spraying out of it. It’s a perfect summer game for them, but be mindful that dogs can easily get throat infections from cold water! Also, swallowing a lot of water can lead to water intoxication, so never allow them to do so!

Some dogs love it, while others dislike getting wet. You know your pet and their limits. If they are afraid of being sprayed, never force them! But if they enjoy it, play to your heart’s content!

Fetching in the Water

Are you familiar with fetch? It’s a game where two people pass a ball to each other, and the person in the middle tries to catch it. You can play this game with your dog too. Throw the ball into the water with someone else and let your dog be the one fetching it. Occasionally, let them catch it too, as they also need a little sense of accomplishment!

Icy Pleasures

You can provide icy refreshment for your dog by placing their favorite treats into a small bucket or even an empty ice cream tub. Fill it about three-quarters full with water, then freeze it. You can flavor the contents to your dog’s taste by adding treats, pieces of meat, fruits, vegetables, and you can even enhance the water with a low-sodium broth. Leave the bucket in the freezer overnight, and by morning, the icy treat will be ready!

What do you think, can you cool your pet down with ice cream? Click here to find out if you can give it to them.

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