Amazing how a rat reacts to an agitated dog (video)

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. July 4 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

As you know, rodents and dogs are not exactly on good terms. In the video below you can see how the rat saves its hide.


The rat in the video is jumping at the sight of the dog, and is clearly trying their best to make the four-legged creature back off, in an attempt to save their hide.

As we written on several occasions, some breeds of dogs have a predilection for rodent control. Rat baiting may seem cruel to many. But these pests are capable of destroying almost anything in your home. They can chew through wiring, dig holes in walls, and they can also cause many diseases, including rabies.

From this article
you can learn about a breed that is so good at catching rodents that it even has it’s job description in it’s name.

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