This is why we no longer see white dog poo

Hangai Lilla

2024. July 6 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

As a child growing up in the countryside, we couldn't walk along a ditch without counting several brightly white dog excrement.


It may be a question for many why these glowing garden decorations turned white in the first place. However, even more interesting is why white dog poo has disappeared from our sight.

Fortunately, more and more people find it important to pick up after their dogs

Where did the white dog excrement go?

If we try to remember, it’s certain that in the 1990s, you could still see white dog poop, especially in rural areas. This period coincides with some significant changes that occurred in the lives and lifestyles of our furry family members. This is when we started feeding them differently. What had been considered dog food by manufacturers and owners started undergoing serious changes. To be precise, they began upgrading the foods made from cheap fillers, introducing higher protein, more nutritious, and healthier diets onto the market.

While high bone content and low-quality foods and treats are still available, an important message has reached us. We’ve learned that feeding dogs such fillers as bones is dangerous. These animal parts can splinter and cause serious internal injuries. (And of course, it has also become more important to us to pick up after our pets.)

That’s why the dog poo was white

So based on the previous information, you may have realized that bones are what turn the end product white. Whether the dog accesses them from processed dog food or leftovers, bones always remain indigestible for them. As a result, even if the four-legged friend manages to shatter the bone into tiny pieces, it reappears virtually unchanged on the other side. When the excrement sits on the grass for a few days in the rain, only white bone dust remains. These factors led to the distinctive white dog excrement that was one of the biggest mysteries of our childhood.

Being aware of this fact can serve as a great reminder for us to continually strive to improve the nutrition of our furry friends and thereby enhance their quality of life.

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