6 dog breeds that love to be cuddled: meet them if you want a cuddly four-legged friend

Szénási Szimonetta

2022. December 27 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Do you want a dog that doesn't mind being loved all the time? These 6 breeds not only tolerate but demand constant cuddling and snuggling.


Although you might think that, as their collective name suggests, only lapdogs require the constant closeness of their owner, this is far from being the case! Some giants are just as cuddly as their smaller counterparts. The following six large and small dog breeds love to be pampered.


1.) Skye Terriers

Skye Terriers are very loyal. They would prefer to spend the whole day with their families, whatever the programme. And in addition to their constant presence, they also expect to be snuggled often.

2.) English Toy Spaniel

Spaniels are quiet and very affectionate companions. They love to nap between soft cushions, as they also like to curl up on their owner’s lap.

3.) Great Dane

A one of the biggest dogs in the world, the often referred to as the gentle giant, pokes with his head until he gets the amount of love he wants. This breed of dog loves to be cuddled. He’s always cuddling, a huge cutie pie.

4.) Mastiff

A Mastiffs are actually giant teddy bears who, despite their size, will try to nestle themselves in your lap without a problem. They love children very much, but sometimes in the heat of the moment they can upset their little playmate.

5.) Bichon Frisé

A Bichons are happiest when they can snuggle up close to you. They are very attached to their owners and would prefer not to be separated from them for a minute. They love to be looked after, they just bask in the attention. All this is rewarded with endless love. Very playful and intelligent, they are ideal companions even for novice dog owners.

6.) Greyhounds

Greyhounds are not only affectionate, but also very trainable dogs. They are quiet and loyal companions, watching their owner’s every move. They love to cuddle, but their real weakness is belly rubbing, which always gets them off their feet.

They are very sensitive, so when raising them only positive reinforcement can be used. Every prospective owner should pay attention to this!

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