8 dogs that are a burglar’s nightmare: these guard dogs are sure to protect you

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2020. November 26 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary, Wikipedia – Cão de Guarda de Moscou

Some breeds are very vigilant, nothing can happen around their territory that they don't notice. For those who want not just a pet, but also a real protector, here are eight dog breeds to choose from.


Your sense of security can be greatly enhanced by living with a four-legged friend who can protect you at all times. Certain breeds are particularly suitable for this. They immediately detect intruders approaching the gate and give a signal. In addition, their firm and somewhat unfriendly manner towards strangers can easily dissuade them from doing something wrong. Of course, it’s not a general rule that all specimens of a breed are bodyguards, but they are much less likely to offer coffee to unauthorised persons.

As you can see in the video below, exceptions often occur:


The Kuvasz is considered to be the best guard dog among the Hungarian dog breeds. Not only for houses, but also for flocks and farms. It has been at the service of shepherds for thousands of years and is a respected protector beyond the borders. The Kuvasz-Guard Large Carnivore Conservation Programme provides livestock keepers with Kuvasz pups to become protectors of the herd. Similar initiatives have been launched in the US and Canada under the Livestock Guard Project. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are getting to know this great guard dog.


Another excellent guard dog, the Komondor. With its huge stature and unique appearance, it immediately attracts attention. And its firm action also keeps out unauthorised persons. One of the oldest Hungarian breeds probably existed hundreds of years ago. He is an extremely brave dog who has always protected his flock from wolves and other predators. He always keeps an eye on his home, he is very alert and considerate. Nothing goes unnoticed by a Komondor.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an extremely intelligent, alert working dog, and it is not for nothing that it is so popular all over the world, either as a family pet or as a police dog. He likes to have a job to do, which is often house guarding. Thanks to his incredible courage and loyalty, he always protects his family and his home from unauthorised intruders.

The German Shepherd is also used for border patrol.


The Rottweiler is a fearless, confident guardian-protector with a robust appearance that hides a sensitive inner self. He is devoted and loyal to his family, but distrustful and fearless of intruders. He is an extremely strong and confident dog, and would certainly not be happy to find himself up against a Rottweiler guarding his gate.

Moscow Watchdog

The name of the Moscow Watchdog is a sign that it is a real protector. Perhaps one of the bravest, best guards against burglars. It needs a strong, determined owner who can defend it at any time and at any cost. It is also well adapted to harsh conditions, and the Russians have bred it specifically to be a war dog. It knows no bounds, is unflappable and is a burglar’s nightmare.


The Dobermann is a real watchdog, noticing everything that happens in his area. Often, just his authoritative appearance is enough to keep the bad guys away. The fearless guard knows no fear, ready to protect his family from anyone and anything at any time.

Caucasian Shepherd

The original role of the giant Caucasian Shepherd was to protect the flock from intruders, wolves or even bears. He is confident, strong and fearless, whose mere presence is enough to make you think twice about being an uninvited visitor.

Tibetan Mastiff

A giant with special, ancient roots, he protects his flock and village in the harshest of conditions, even at the cost of his life. If he has been guarding villages and flocks since time immemorial, anyone can believe that a burglar is not a big challenge for him.

Most guard dogs have it in their blood to protect their families and their territory. However, there may be variations within breeds and some dogs may be less suited to guarding, being more of a friendly type. Of course, there are many other excellent guarding breeds.

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