10+2 brave breeds of dog who will stop at nothing: the German Shepherd is one of them

László Enikő

2023. June 11 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Although each dog is unique, the breeds shown below are generally very brave and will not shy away from anything.


How fearful a dog is is primarily influenced by its socialisation as a puppy, with its breed being a secondary consideration. However, with the right background, the dogs shown below are very brave and will not shy away from anything. Check out the American Kennel Club’s list about the bravest dogs!

1.) German Shepherd Dog

Whether it’s sniffing out bombs for the army or catching criminals for the police, German Shepherds are considered by many to be the bravest of all dog breeds. As family pets, they are happy to risk their lives to protect their loved ones.

2.) Rottweiler

An often misunderstood breed, the Rottweiler is normally not aggressive, but rather a loving and affectionate pet. However, it is very protective and fearless, making it one of the worst nightmares of burglars.

3.) Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher combines strength, intelligence and fearlessness, making it one of the best defenders. He is also very sensitive to sound and naturally suspicious of strangers, making him a great watchdog.

4.) Bouvier des Flandres

Used as a military dog in its native Belgium, the Bouvier des Flandres is a strong-willed dog and not at all suitable for the novice owner. This same quality makes him a fierce protector who will do anything to ensure the safety of his owners.

5.) Canarian Warren Hound

He is loving and obedient when he is relaxing with his owner, but the Canarian Warren Hound becomes a different animal when threatened. He is a breed that tends to be aggressive when his family or his port is disturbed by strangers.

6.) Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyreneesis so brave that it has historically been used to protect livestock from wild wolves. Nowadays it is also kept as a family pet and is particularly good with children.

Even today, many Great Pyrenees still protect livestock.

7.) Belgian Malinois

Another type often used by the police and military, the Belgian Malinois is one of the oldest European breeds. He is a highly intelligent, tireless and fearless dog who will do anything for his owner.

8.) Boerboel

The Boerboel was used in South Africa to guard farms. It is one of the strongest breeds of dog and is not afraid of anything.

9.) Japanese Akitainu

The Japanese Akitainu were bred to guard royal and noble households in feudal Japan. Today, it is still common knowledge that they will never back down from anything or anyone they consider a threat to their family.

10.) Bullmastiff

Originally used by gamekeepers to fight and capture poachers, the Bullmastiff has retained its brave nature to fight those who mean its family harm. As long as he is properly socialised and raised, he is an affectionate family pet, a real friendly, protective giant.

+ 2.) The bravest Hungarian breeds

Although they are not on the AKC list, it is worth mentioning that among the Hungarian breeds, the Komondor and the Kuvasz are fearless and extremely brave dogs. Not only are they large in stature, but their character is also awe-inspiring. They can defend their families or the livestock entrusted to them at any time and will stop at almost nothing. They are strong, confident characters who are forever loyal to their owners.

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