The Dog Saved the Calf’s Life

Gerhát Petra

2024. July 8 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The tiny calf, who was found on a farm by the farmer's dog, almost froze to death. The furry animal kept the the tot until human help arrived.


It is rare for an animal to be rescued by another animal rather than a human, but this is what happened recently. A Reddit user told his own story on the platform. According to him, his dog named Bosko found a calf in the feeder, which had almost died of hypothermia.

The dog saved the calf’s life

The Dog Found the Frozen Calf

The calf’s mother was too weak to care for it, and the cold, wet weather had almost claimed the young animal’s life. Its nose was stiff with frost, and its eyes appeared lifeless, though it was still breathing, albeit with difficulty. As the owner recounted, the dog stayed by the calf’s side almost continuously, even after it was moved to safety. Inside the house, the calf was wrapped in blankets and placed on heating pads. It was also given antibiotics. Four hours later, the family began to hope that the calf might survive, though it had been hovering between life and death. When the calf started to stir and its breathing became more regular, Bosko relaxed as well. For long hours, Bosko, the labrador retriever watched over and warmed the calf before retreating to rest. Duke, then the family’s other dog took over the duty of guarding the calf.

The Calf was Given a Name

The calf’scondition gradually improved: by the third day, it was standing on its own and eating without any issues. It was given the name Zeke. For a few weeks, Zeke was bottle-fed, and thanks to this care, he grew strong enough to join the other cows on the farm.

The owner assured readers that Zeke would never be slaughtered.

The heroic dog in the story, Bosko, was a rescued animal himself. A few years ago, he was found by his owners near their gate. He was emaciated, skin and bones, awaiting his fate alongside their other dog, Duke. Both dogs had chewed-off ropes around their necks, suggesting they had been kept tied up by their previous owner.

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