The video of the puppy that looks like a Star Wars character

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. June 20 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The appearance of the little Brussels Griffon is captivating.


We love our pets, and as pet owners, we all tend to liken our beloved four-legged friends to someone or something else. Bedlington Terriers, for example, resemble lambs. And did you know that Star Wars Ewoks were likely inspired by a small dog, possibly a Brussels Griffon? Therefore, it’s no coincidence that the representative of this breed in the video below could easily audition for the next film. Especially since it’s notable that, as its name suggests, it has a touch of Chewbacca in it.

He is not the only one

The little Griffon in the video isn’t the only dog that immediately brings Star Wars to mind when seen. For instance, a rescued dog named Chewie quickly found a home due to his extraordinary appearance and adorable name.

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