The hunting wolf made a terrible mistake – his hiatus caught on video

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. April 19 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

The predator, who got the short end of the stick, learned a lesson for life.


In most cases, a hunting wolf is a fearsome sight. Thanks to the sophisticated senses of the massive and beautiful animal, it can spot prey from afar, planning carefully to strike with a well-thought-out attack. Except when that doesn’t happen, and driven by hunger, it forgets such a basic rule as not hunting a skunk.

The Power of the Pack

Wolves generally hunt in packs, and communication and cooperation among individuals are crucial during their joint forays. While hunting, predators patrol a specific territory, continuously monitoring the movements of potential prey. When attacking, they utilize their speed, endurance, and intelligence to coordinatedly rush the prey. This increases the chances of hunting success, and sharing the captured animal among themselves strengthens the cohesion of the pack. If the predator featured in the video above had arrived with a pack, it surely wouldn’t have received a face full skunk juice.

hunting predator video wolf

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