Breathtaking Video: How a Shepherd Dog Scares Away a Bear

Hangai Lilla

2024. June 27 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

The video shows a shepherd dog fearlessly confronting a bear. The dog runs straight at the bear to assert its dominance.


In the footage, a Slovensky Cuvac dog displays incredible composure and bravery as it chases away a brown bear attacking the flock under its protection. The bear, reacting to the dog’s decisive actions, wisely decides to move on, making the video safe for even the most sensitive viewers to watch.

The myth of bear-hunting dogs is firmly rooted in the public consciousness. Especially as bears have become increasingly common again in Hungary, particularly in the northern regions. If we encounter a bear, it is important not to panic and not to run away. We should shout and cautiously back away from the bear. During our hikes, we should try to make as much noise as possible — talking, singing for example. This way we ensure that the bear hears us from a distance and has time to move in another direction.

bear dog video sheepdog slovensky cuvac video

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