You’ve never seen such a happy dog – this is how happy he is for his best friend

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. April 12 - Photos: Love my dogz

This video is guaranteed to make you smile.


Just like us humans, friendships are important to our pets as well, and they need like-minded companions too. While owners are of paramount importance in the lives of pets, a two-legged friend has a completely different function. They can run around, play with them, bark and do their shenanigans – no wonder the dogs in the video below can’t control themselves when they see their best friend.

Social interactions are important in dogs’ lives

For our pets, social interactions and canine friends are vital for a balanced life. As social creatures, dogs also form close bonds with other dogs. Therefore, spending time with them also allows them to develop mentally through play. They learn to communicate and adapt to the behaviour of other dogs, which helps them to better understand and tolerate their fellow dogs.

In addition, for your dog to be spending time with their peers is a great way for them to express their natural behaviour. With a whippet, like the one in the video, no owner can keep up. However, another Whippet can keep up with the pace without any problems. But we must remember that friendships can only be formed by a properly socialised dog.

Additionally, it is also easier to form friendships, if you have a friendly dog.  In this article, we have listed six exeptionally friendly breeds.

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