Why does your dog bring his toys to you? He doesn’t always want to play

Ferenczi Deborah

2023. August 25 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Have you ever found that before you've even stepped through the door, your pet has already taken his toy? Have you ever wondered what that means?


We have collected the four most common reasons why your dog gives you his toys.

1. Wants to play

The first and most obvious answer is that your dog wants to play and that’s why he’s so keen to bring you his toy. Because he’s been waiting for you for a while, perhaps bored, he’ll pounce when you’ve just walked through the door. While you don’t reward jumping or other unpleasant behaviour, it’s worth taking your pet out for a real play session in a short space of time, to let him run around and let off some energy.

2. He wants to show you his treasure

Some dogs bring their toys to you to show you. This doesn’t necessarily mean they want to play with you, they just want you to admire them treasure. This is indicated by the fact that if you reach for the toy, he will gently pull it away. In this case, it’s a good idea to reassure the dog that you really like his toy and appreciate him showing it to you.

3. He wants to get your attention

It may also be your dog’s way of trying to get your attention. He may bark or even nudge you. This is not necessarily behaviour to encourage, but it is an important signal. Your pet is probably missing the opportunity to play together, and it’s worth giving him that.

4. Sign of love

He might even give you his favourite toy as a gift to show how important you are to him. Be sure to accept these kindnesses from your dog, as it is a very important gesture for him.

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