Dog IQ test: this is how you measure your pet’s intelligence quotient!

Buzgó Csilla

2020. July 12

Have you always wondered how intelligently your four-legged pet ranks among its peers? This five-step, easy at-home IQ test will help you find out.


There is a popular saying that if you judge a fish based on how well it can climb a tree, the result is false for everyone and degrading for the fish. Well, measuring the intelligence level of dogs can be interpreted in a similar way: if we classify them according to what we think a high IQ is, it is not fair to them at all.

That is why they experimented with special IQ tests for dogs. Now we show you one, which consists of a series of simple tasks that can be done at home, so you can easily try it on your pet.

1. Towel test

Throw a large towel or any lighter drapery over the dog’s head, which he can in principle shake off without a problem. Measure the time!

  • 15 seconds: 3 points
  • 16-60 seconds: 2 points
  • Over 1 minute: 1 point
  • Don’t even try to shake it off: 0 points

2. Hidden reward bait

Place a piece of snack on the floor in front of the dog, then throw the towel over it. Watch how long it takes your pet to fish the reward snack from under it!

  • 15 seconds: 3 points
  • 16-60 seconds: 2 points
  • Over 1 minute: 1 point
  • Don’t even try to find it: 0 points

3. Take matters into your own hands – or rather paws!

Look for a piece of furniture that your dog’s paws can fit under, but not his head or nose. Hide a reward snack under it, then watch your pet’s attempts.

  • 1 minute to get it with the paw paw alone: 3 points
  • Use your paws and mouth at the same time: 2 points
  • Tries but fails to get it: 1 point
  • Not interested at all: 0 points

4. Cup memory test

Take out three glasses, and as soon as your dog starts watching what you’re doing, place a bite of crunch under one of them. Take him out of the room and occupy him for half a minute, then go back to the glasses.

  • You immediately choose the glass under which the reward is: 3 points
  • First choose a blank and then the one that hides the snack: 2 points
  • Find the correct glass after two wrong attempts: 1 point
  • You don’t even know what it’s about anymore: 0 points

5. Leash test

At a time other than the dog’s walking time, take out the leash so that he can see it, and then watch his reaction.

  • Switch immediately:: 3 points
  • You have to go to the door to find out the message: 2 points
  • You must also tell him that you are going for a walk: 1 point
  • Does not understand at all what your plans are: 0 points

Once you are ready, add up the scores and evaluate the result!

11-15 points – Your dog is a genius

It is clear that your pet has an extremely high IQ. These tasks test several skills, including adaptive and problem-solving intelligence, as well as associative memory. Your dog is excellent in all areas, congratulations on the little genius!

6-10 points – Your dog is smart

Maybe your dog didn’t get the maximum score because it’s hard to motivate, but if he had this skill, he probably would have been in the genius category. Of course, it is also possible that he is simply better in one or another area, but these can be strengthened with frequent training sessions.

0-5 points – Living in your own little world

It is not at all certain that your dog could not solve the test tasks 100 percent because he does not have the necessary intelligence. There are people who lack this kind of motivation precisely because they are too smart. Of course, if you feel that the dog could still use a little mental training, feel free to practice with him more, because this way he will be able to solve the challenges that arise in everyday life more easily, and this will increase his self-confidence.

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