Your dog will be obedient if you do this: the secret to effective training

Ferenczi Deborah

2023. July 8 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

For most dog owners, the question is how to raise a truly obedient dog. The secret is simply to understand how he thinks. If you can do that, your dog will be obedient.


The key to raising an obedient dog is clearly prolonged patience, immense kindness and loving severity. First and foremost, you need to understand how a dog thinks and how to get it to obey you. Once you have mastered this, you are sure to develop very good communication.

Raising a dog

The sooner you start training your dog, the better your chances of getting an obedient dog. That’s why it’s best to start this process from a very young age. For example, by simply ignoring habits that you don’t like, your dog will stop doing them as soon as possible. And if you reward and praise behaviours that you like, he will get used to them. It’s a good idea to establish a routine at this stage. Always be consistent, tell him if you don’t like something, praise him if you don’t, so he will understand very quickly what you like. You can start to teach him simple commands at this age, and of course you can develop this further later.

It is worth teaching your dog the basic commands he needs to socialise at this age. For example, if he starts to giggle and may bark in the hope of getting some food, it is important to break him of this and never give him any of your food.

Quality time

To make your dog obedient, it is important that you spend quality time together. Try to concentrate on him during walks or even regular grooming. If your pet can feel that he is the centre of attention, he will try to behave in a way that impresses you. Give him personal space and time, but at the same time play and occupy him. Teach him to obey your commands, and if he obeys them, reward him so he knows he has done the right thing.

The system is important

It is important to have a framework for each day. Take him for a walk in the morning and feed him before you go to work. Do the same when you get home. When walking your dog, make sure he doesn’t pull you, as he’s not walking you, you’re walking him. Make sure that when you feel the need, he walks alongside you and you set the direction. At the same time, it is important that he enjoys the walk and has the opportunity to explore and sniff freely.

The point of the system is that there are rules that he has to follow, and that’s how you will have an excellent relationship. Learning basic commands such as “stay – sit – stop” are essential in the process of a walk and for your pet’s safety.

It’s never too late to start

It’s worth noting that it’s never too late to start training, it’s just going to be harder. But don’t despair, everything can be done and even old dogs learn new tricks! Always be firm and consistent and never lose your temper. Make rules, set a schedule, spend quality time with your dog and you’ll see him grow into a loving, obedient pet.

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