Video of the world’s sneakiest dog – this is what it did to the cats

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. July 1 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Gray-white cat and Morkie dog, playing or fighting together in the domestic room

The cats didn't stand a chance of noticing the dog appearing behind them.


Achieving peaceful coexistence between dogs and cats is not impossible. However, it’s a fact that conflicts can arise even among the most accustomed ones. Such an unexpected situation can be seen in the following video: the dogs startle the cats, who were staring intently at a pigeon, by barking loudly from behind.

The dog’s instinctive behavior around cats

Of course, we know perfectly well that the dog in the video didn’t intentionally scare the cats. The situation simply arose because dogs and cats react differently in various situations and express their feelings differently. While for cats, observing prey might be accompanied by sounds like ‘ekekekekeke,’ dogs signal with barks to say: look, a pigeon! Behind the vocalizations of our four-legged friends, there’s always meaning; click here to learn how to decode your pet’s vocalizations.

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