Adorable video of the dog who doesn’t understand the hula hoop

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. May 13 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

It's desperate to get in the game, it just doesn't know how.


One of the pets’ favourite activities is fun with the owner. Whatever the object of their amusement, dogs will usually do their best to join in with people. The German shepherd in the video below is no different. The dog would play the hula hoop, but unfortunately it doesn’t understand how the game works at all. But its enthusiasm makes up for the shortcomings, and the end result is quite comical

The importance of mental and physical stimulation

There are few breeds of dog that were not originally bred for some kind of work. They had a job to do, where they had to be both mentally and physically fit. But most of today’s pets have nothing to do but be cute and lovable. That is why it is important that they are given the opportunity use their brains and their bodies even when they are “jobless” ; especially when it comes to intelligent and strong dogs like the German Shepherds.

If you notice that your pet is interested in an activity you are doing, such as hula hooping, get them involved and give them tasks with the hoop that they can complete. There are many human sports that have dog-friendly versions. Find the one that excites you pet most.

In this article for example, you will ideas for springtime activities that you and your dog can participate in together.

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