How do you know your dog loves you very much? 8 typical behaviours that give you away

Buzgó Csilla

2023. May 19 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Does your puppy really love you the way you love him? How do you know he has real feelings and isn't just happy to get food and treats from you?


Over tens of thousands of years of friendship, dogs have learnt to communicate with humans very well, and they can express their love for us very clearly. Here are some signs that your pet is really into you and not just an indifferent packmate.

A deep looking into your eyes can means the dog loves you.

1.) Looking into your eyes

Although this gesture towards another dog may indicate aggressive, possibly offensive intent, it is a sign of absolute trust and attention between dog and human. Scientists have discovered that when owner and pet look lovingly at each other, a happy hormone called oxytocin is produced in their bodies. Eye contact is also useful in training, as it shows that the dog is actively attentive and eager to do something.

2.) Cuddling up to you

As cuddling is not as popular with puppies, they substitute this form of expression for the intimate body hug. They do this not only when they are calm and relaxed, but also when they are scared or need comforting.

3.) Your yawns are sticking

As with humans, dogs also show this kind of empathy. Research has shown that puppies are more likely to yawn if they see it from their owner, rather than a stranger. Although in some cases it may be a sign of nervousness if your pet yawns frequently, there are other subtle signs of behaviour in stressful situations. In a basically peaceful situation, yawning is certainly a sign of sympathy.

4.) Sleeping with you

What dog doesn’t want to have the soft bed of its owner, which is its absolute privileged place in the household? Well, it’s not necessarily just a matter of convenience. If your dog loves and trusts you, he’s happy to sleep with you. It is more vulnerable and its instincts, developed in the wild, will only allow it to nap in a place where it is completely safe.

If your dog loves sleeping with you it’s a good sign!

5.) Raises his “eyebrows”

Japanese researchers have been found that the dogs in their experiments, in a relaxed position, immediately moved one or both eyebrows as soon as they noticed their owners. Over thousands of years of living alongside humans, they have developed a mimic similar to our own to communicate with us as easily as possible.

6.) Steal your clothes

This can obviously become an annoying habit, especially if he scatters your clothes around the house and, God forbid, ruins them, but if you’re lenient with your dog, you can see this as a positive thing. Your clothes, especially your underwear, are saturated with the pheromones he loves, which is why he enjoys sniffing and sniffing them so much.

7.) Often brings you his favourite toy

Not just because he wants to play, but because he sees you as the leader of the pack, so he will come to you with the object he considers most valuable to earn your respect and love. If he knew that game or not, you would do anything for him!

8.) He’ll run to you when you get home

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than turning the key and hearing your pet’s happy bark. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for 10 minutes or 10 hours, the dog doesn’t know if you’re ever coming home. So you can imagine how he feels when he sees you again.

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