Green puppy born in a litter of 9: this is what it looks like

Hangai Lilla

2024. February 23 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

Few things are more exciting and wonderful than a newborn puppy. The delicate, soft, silky fur immediately captivates and enchants everyone. Golden retriever puppies typically come into the world in a light cream shade, but this puppy has defied conventions.


We’ll tell you what gives it its extravagant shade the green puppy.

Mojito and his brothers and sisters, with their proud mum in the background:

The green puppy is extremely rare

Joanna Justice, who lives in Wermelskirchen, northern Germany, initially panicked when she saw that her golden retriever named Melody had given birth to 8 “cream-colored” puppies and 1 green puppy. She immediately named the little newcomer Mojito, after the green cocktail, based on its unique fur.

The initial panic quickly subsided as it was ensured that all 9 puppies were in perfect health. This includes the one born with green fur. It is very rare for dogs to come into contact with the pigment called biliverdin through the fetal membrane. This pigment is produced during the breakdown of hemoglobin, and we see it when a initially reddish-purple bruise begins to heal and turns green, then yellow.

Presumably, Mojito had a higher-than-average amount of biliverdin present in the fetal membrane, which caused him to be the only one among 9 siblings to be colored green. Fortunately, this condition does not come with any complications, the puppy is completely healthy, and the green color will eventually fade over time.

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