Which dog breed best suits your personality? Take the test and find out!

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If you have already found out with the help of various personality tests what kind of work, home or sports activity suits you best, why not find the ideal four-legged companion?

The Myers-Briggs type is still popular today. The basic doctrine was developed by Sigmund Freud’s collaborator, Carl Gustav Jung, and then fine-tuned by Katherine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Myers.

This heory is that it typifies people on the basis of the spectrum of introvert – extrovert, sensory – intuitive, thinker – feeler and judger – perceiver. He compiles the individual personality types from these four characteristics, and with a little math, it can be concluded that there are 16 of them.

If you still don’t know which one you belong to, take the 72-question standard test! You can find your characteristics on many websites, choose the one you like best, and then browse our selection of dogs!

ISTJ – Logistician

German Shepherd

The best-known breed of police and rescue dog is the perfect pet for organized, responsible, tradition-loving and serious ISTJs. Since this personality type values honesty, honor, loyalty and security, you can always feel in harmony with a hard-working, rule-loving and reliable German Shepherd.

Ideal companions can also be: Pekingese, Bernese Mountain Dog

INTP – Logician


A logical, original and rational-thinking INTP appreciates the calm, sophisticated temperament combined with a high level of intelligence in their four-legged companion. Although it may seem surprising, poodles are just like that. Thanks to their empathy skills, they can immediately sense when their owner wants to think and would rather be alone: in such cases, they withdraw and let the thoughts spin in the mind of their beloved two-legged friend.

An ideal companion can also be: Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute

ISFJ – Defender


ISFJs are absolutely contradictory personalities: they like to withdraw and enjoy company at the same time, they are good-natured and like to look for the same in others, yet they do not reveal themselves completely. A loyal, safe and affectionate Newfoundland dog can be an excellent companion in the fight to “save the world”, because this breed will protect the one it chooses as a friend to the end.

An ideal companion can also be: German Shepherd, Papillon

INFJ – Advocate


Idealistic, complex, and helpful INFJs often rely on their intuition, which usually turns out to be correct. Although they are an introverted type, one of their goals in life is to act for the public good, and the beagle can be the perfect companion for this. This type is gentle, balanced, cheerful, and gives a kind of emotional security to the INFJ striving for an orderly life.

Other ideal companions: Greyhound, Australian Shepherd

INTJ – Architect

Border Collie

INTJs are also known as ‘Ideas of Flame’ because they constantly move the world towards innovation with their sharp minds, strong strategic planning skills and incredible ideas. Their loyal partner can be one of the smartest dogs, the border collie. He focuses excellently on tasks, is also curious and motivated, so his character perfectly complements that of the brilliant INTJ.

It could also be an ideal partner: Jack Russell Terrier, Afghan Hound

ISTP – Virtuoso

Russian Black Terrier

The fast-paced, adventurous, active, yet rationally thinking ISTP needs a companion who is always ready to experience new things and get into exciting situations with their owner. A Russian Black Terrier is just that: a confident, energetic, strong personality who needs regular mental stimulation. The two of them complement each other perfectly in their exciting world.

It could also be an ideal partner: Rhodesian Ridgeback, Basset Hound

ISFP – Adventurer

Chow Chow

Creative, free-spirited and sensitive, ISFPs move to their own tune. They enjoy beauty, they get to know the world through their senses. Excellent companions on their special journey can be chow chow dogs, who are also keep oneself to oneself, but if they win their love, it will last a lifetime. They may seem shy at first, but once something piques their interest, they open up.

Other ideal companions: Shiba Inu, St. Bernard

INFP – Mediator

American Pit Bull Berrier

Although INFP people sometimes walk in the clouds, they do not like to deviate from their own carefully formed values. Of course, this does not mean inflexibility, they are extremely understanding and adaptable individuals until they feel safe in their wonderful inner world. The American Pit Bull is just for them, as it loves to be kind to its surroundings, and safety, playfulness, but also independence are important to it.

Other ideal companions: Tibetan Terrier, Shiba Inu

ESTP – Enterpreneur

Rhodesian Ridgeback

ESTPs are spontaneous, quick-witted, motivated and sociable people who love to push their boundaries and live in the moment. Because they like to deviate from social norms and explore the world around them, a mischievous, self-conscious and somewhat stubborn Rhodesian Ridgeback will make an excellent friend for them. With it, they can find a balance: during the day they can indulge in busy experiences, but in the evenings they will be the perfect companion even when playing together.

Another ideal companion: Beagle, Jack Russell Terrier

ESFP – Entertainer

Boston Terrier

You can’t find a better humanist and sociable person than an ESFP. One of their goals in life is to make those around them happy, and they do it all with such ease and serenity, as if they were born to do so. Just like them, the Boston Terrier loves to be in the spotlight and the center of attention, and they fun loving personality complements the ESFP character perfectly.

Other ideal companions: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Poodle

ENFP – Campaigner

Siberian Husky

The ENFP is the soul of teams: open, empathetic, energetic, ready for action, and always available to fool around. Their essence is entertainment, engaging conversations with people they like, and coming up with new, unusual ideas. It is only natural that a team player with a similar temperament should be on their side. The husky hates monotony just as much and is just as intelligent, free-spirited, and adventurous as its ENFP owner.

Other ideal companions: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever

ENTP – Debater

Shetland Sheepdog

Flexible, quick-witted and open-minded ENTPs operate with actions, they don’t like long reflections, but they quickly see through most situations. Regular mental challenges are essential for smooth communication, so they also need an intelligent, curious dog as a constant companion. The Shetland Sheepdog is therefore a perfect choice for them, having learned how to enforce their will as a herding dog, just like most ENTPs.

It could also be an ideal partner: French bulldog, Bull Terrier

ESTJ – Executive


The ESTJs are logical designers with strong ideas about how things should work. They are extroverted and have a clear understanding of systems, which is why they are suitable for leadership, just like the Rottweiler, which has become a symbol of dominance. This dignified, strong and hard-working dog brings security and stability to the ESTJ’s life with its loyal nature. They understand each other perfectly through their similarities.

Another ideal companion: Siberian Husky, Border Collie

ESFJ – Consul

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Interested in people, kind-hearted and helpful, ESFJs have a real talent for bringing out the best in everyone. They are conscientious, live in the present, selfless, but sometimes they like to take control. A typical dog for them is the corgi, who is eternally optimistic, always a pleasant company, loves people, and can sometimes be a little mischievous. The two of them will surely make a charming, popular and harmonious couple.

Other ideal companions: Bichon frise, Great Dane

ENFJ – Protagonist

Dogue de Bordeaux

ENFJs are empathetic, responsible, easily attuned to others, and thanks to these qualities, among other things, they can become excellent leaders. They have a talent for instructing their environment, they easily get others to do what they want. They need an equally confident, honest and reliable companion, and the Dogue de Bordeaux is just that. Their imposing physique and brave, balanced personality make them attractive to people just like their ENFJ owner.

Other ideal companions: Golden Retriever, Boxer

ENTJ – Commander


For a true ENTJ, challenges spice up life. With their sharp mind and knowledge of people, they immediately spots when a system or method is not working well, and finds the solution easily. A born leader, they like to live by their profession, which is why they should choose a dog who, like they, are determined and charismatic. With their self-awareness, sharp wit, and unwavering adoration, the Basenji will make the perfect pet for the ENTJ.

Another ideal companion would be: a German Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff

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