How does your dog know you love it? 6 great ways to communicate your feelings

Buzgó Csilla

2023. May 12 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Over the millennia, dogs and humans have developed a close relationship that has been biologically encoded into both species.


It’s no big secret that dogs can sense exactly how we relate to them without any specific gestures. But there are some  special ways to the heart of your beloved pet. Now we tell you what they are.

1.) If you scratch his ears

The ears of dogs contain a large number of sensitive nerve endings. The stimulation of which triggers the production of endorphins. This hormone is known for its pain-relieving and calming effects, so it’s no wonder pets love to be pampered in this way.

2.) Sometimes you hand feed or reward

Not only will it be clear to him that you are providing one of his needs, you can also strengthen the intimate relationship between the two of you. As he will associate your hand as a good experience.

3.) Often tell that you love him/her

Look in your pet’s eye, smile, raise your eyebrows and talk in a high-pitched voice, because the dogs love that. They are excellent at interpreting human facial expressions, and their facial expressions are similar to ours when they experience excitement or joy. They also understand speech better than we think. In a hungarian study found that puppies, like humans, use both their right and left hemispheres to receive what we say to them and how we say it.

4.) Cuddle a lot

While hugging is seen by some dogs as an obstructive, restraining gesture, leaning or lying down can create a nice, cosy atmosphere for both of you. Resting and snuggling together strengthens the bond, as you are more vulnerable than when you are awake. So if your dog is happy to sleep with you, it means that he has taken you into his absolute confidence.

5.) Caress and massage

Many puppies understand touch better than kisses or treats. While the former can be mistaken for a mild dominance challenge or an invitation to play, the latter is more about learning and motivation. But a nice massage, scratching and caressing is a clear sign that you’re into it.

6.) Provide for their needs

The above methods will only work as monkey love if you don’t take care to exercise your dog properly, feed with quality food, create an ideal habitat and provide its with proper health care. So take care of these too, and you’ll see that your relationship will be a happy one.

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