7 bizarre dog habits you never understood: a deep dog sigh is not a sign of discontent

Hangai Lilla

2023. November 3 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Dogs are both wonderful and incredibly weird. We adore them, however incomprehensible certain behaviours may seem to us. But that won't stop us from wondering why they are the way they are.


If you are speculate like we do, then join us! Not only will it be an exciting journey, but you’ll also feel closer to your pet. We weill writing about the most weird dog habits.

1. Why does your dog make eye contact with you when he poops?

While you may be looking away and searching incessantly for possible reasons in every corner of your brain, they are looking, looking and looking. Without a blink, without a blink. Rigid and persistent. Relax, there’s nothing latently perverse about it, they’re simply giving in to one of their deep-rooted instincts at these moments.

They look to you because you are the protector, you are their security which can be very necessary in such a vulnerable situation. So be honoured that your favourite
trusts you and looks up to you and reassure him, as much as you can in a situation like this, that you are on your guard.

2. Why does your pet sigh so tragically sometimes?

They can sometimes sigh in a way that puts actors and actresses to shame. In these moments we always feel that we wish they could talk and share with us what is on their minds. The neighbour’s dog’s indifference to the gift stick, or the fact that it’s just another the afternoon walk had lasted for an hour?

Dogs may sigh for a variety of reasons, perhaps the two just listed are on the list. But the main reason is quite the opposite; simply content and relaxed. (And he’s probably thankful that he doesn’t have to pay the bills and pick up the have to pick up the child from training.)

However, frequent and very deep sighs accompanied by moaning are already a sign of pain, so if there is even a small chance that your pet is sick and suffering, go to the vet!

3. Why does your dog shake its coat even when it’s not wet?

There’s nothing wrong with a wet dog shaking itself; we can see for ourselves how effective it is in getting rid of excess moisture. But what about when a dry dog does the same?

The answer lies in instinct. In the wild, the dog slept on the ground and woke up covered with dirt, insects and leaves that he had to shake off. So the nice shake after a nap is just a practical habit from the old days.

4. Why does your dog sleep on his back?

It’s an adorable sight, but it’s also quite clumsy and amusing. Somehow it seems unnatural. If your pet is lying in this position a lot, you’re probably a super owner, because he feels safe with you, as he’s not afraid to reveal his most vulnerable spot.

You may have noticed that they sometimes roll on their backs when awake, rolling on the ground. This is a behaviour they brought with them from their wolf ancestors. In the culture of these predators, rolling over on their backs is an expression of respect for the alpha of the bevy. Similar to the way a bowed head shows respect among some peoples.

5. Why does your dog bows when he sees another dog?

You’ve probably witnessed the way a greyhound will throw himself on the ground, forelegs outstretched and rear in the air when he meets another dog. Sharon Crowell-Davis, a professor at the University of Georgia’s School of Veterinary Medicine, says this kind of throwing to the ground is not a surrender, but an invitation to play. Dogs, like humans, use body language to communicate, so when they throw themselves to the ground, they appear smaller, which makes the other person feel less threatened.

Dogs always let us know what they want. Do they understand what we want?

6. Why does your dog lick your wounds?

Even in this situation, our best friends want to help us. They are always, never too tired or too moody when it comes to the owner.

Licking wounds is an instinctive reaction to injury. If you get burned or cut your finger, the innate reaction for you is to immediately get the affected area in your mouth. This instinct works in dogs too; and they want you to get better as soon as possible.

7. Why are dogs so passionate about tennis balls?

Owners tend to buy anything for their dogs out of love and care, but it’s as if the dogs are oblivious to this; they want to play with the same old dislodged, ragged, smelly tennis ball over and over again. Put simply, tennis balls are great as a substitute for smaller, fast prey from before domestication.

Prey in the wild panic and sporadically zigzag as they flee. If you throw a tennis ball, it bounces everywhere, which is very similar to the movement of prey. This sends an instant signal to the dog’s brain that it’s time to start the chase!

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