Why are dogs more attached to certain people? His intuition explains the interesting phenomenon

Ferenczi Deborah

2023. July 23 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Like humans, it is particularly important for animals to develop a very close and deep relationship with those they love. Basically, you would think that a dog would be attached to the person who cares for it the most. But this is not always the case.


The question may arise that what makes you a dog’s favourite? What personality trait, behaviour, scent might it be related to? Can this be changed? Can you still be a dog’s best?

When does attachment develop?

At first, you might think that if you give your dog the most time, care and attention, you’ll automatically be his favourite, but that’s not necessarily true. In this aspect, the socialisation period is key. The first six months are when a puppy forms its strongest bonds, and this tends to be with the person who cares for it. However, it is not just the little ones who can bond, as a perfect friendship can be formed between dog and human, regardless of age, sex or breed.

Your body language and communication also mean a lot

Most importantly, the more positive associations the dog makes with you, the more he will stick with you. It is vitally important that your behaviour and tone of voice is calm, even-tempered and kind. These all promote bonding, while shouting and aggressiveness create distance and fear. Rewards and praise, on the other hand, deepen the bond. It’s worth spending 30 minutes every day exclusively with your pet. This should be a time of focused attention. This does not include going for a walk or watching TV together. Play with it, groom it, brush it, pet it, in other words, express your love for it.

What can help you develop a deep bond?

Here are some of the most common and important activities that can help you become your dog’s favourite:

  • co-sleeping
  • a safe and supportive environment, especially for rescued dogs
  • giving good food and treats
  • quality time together
  • grooming, massaging

What makes a dog stick to a human?

Going back to the original question of what makes dogs in particular so attached to humans, the answer has several factors. First and foremost, it is chemistry that determines this. This cannot be explained by rational reasons. The second factor is that a small puppy, even when it grows up, often becomes attached to the person who cared for it the most when it was young. In the case of an adult dog, imagination is likely to play a greater role, but even at this stage, the amount of attention paid to the dog by the owner makes a big difference. So if you want to be the pet’s favourite, spend quality time with him, love him and watch for signs of affection.

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