What kind of dog do you have? Who you choose as your furry friend reveals this about your personality

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2023. September 3 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Show me your dog and I'll tell you who you are! Of course, this is obviously not so black and white, but it can reveal many things about what kind of personality you have.


A study found that a owner’s choice of breed reveals many things about its character and traits. According to the author of the study, Dr. Lance Workman, people choose a dog similar to their own personality. So, for example, sporty people tend to choose a dog with a sporty physique, as they can do a lot of activities together. Workman and his co-author, Jo Fearon, surveyed 1,000 dog owners using an online questionnaire designed to test the so-called “Big Five” traits most characteristic of their personality. The examined elements are the individual’s agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, openness, and stress tolerance. Based on the results, they came to the conclusion that the kind of dog you chose as a companion reveals a lot of interesting things about you. This is how the human personality is proportional to the personality of the dog.

The personality of the dog and the human are related.

1. Sporting dogs

People who own sporting dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels, appeared friendlier and more conscientious in the survey. So, if your dog belongs to this type, you are probably also a lovable and friendly person who likes to spend time with friends.

2. Herding dogs

People who own herding dogs (such as Puli or Border Collie) were more extroverted than other owners. Furthermore, they created relationships with other people more easily, were friendlier and more open to the world.

3. Hounds

According to Workman’s survey, people who owned hounds, such as Greyhound, Beagle or the Hanoverian Scenthound were more emotionally stable. Henceforth, they were characterized by being calm and consistent in most areas of their lives. So, the most characteristic of hound owners was balance.

4. Lap dogs

According to the survey, owners who have lap dogs are extremely open to new things. They like to explore the world around them and gain new experiences. They are usually highly intelligent and very conscientious.

5. Companion dogs

Those who kept companion dogs, such as English Bulldogs or Chow Chows, were found to be very conscientious and extroverted, but less like challenges and more likely to stick to their comfort zones.

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6. Working dogs and terriers

Interestingly, neither type showed outstanding results. Those who belonged to this group were friendly and social, like most dog owners. However, nothing outstanding could be perceived in their case, rather they could only be said to be nice in general.

7. Rescued and mixed breed dogs

If you have a rescued or mixed breed dog, you certainly have a big heart and you are patient and you see the best in everyone. In addition, giving, helping others and compassion are an integral part of your personality.

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