If you show your dog that you love him, he’ll understand: hugs and kisses are not the best idea

Hangai Lilla

2023. August 6 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

It is clear to people that we hug or kiss someone to show love. But dogs rely mostly on body language and facial expressions to interpret emotions.


To develop a truly intimate relationship with your pet, you need to learn to speak their language. It may sound complicated at first, but there are some tips for you to show your love to the dog.

The genetic heritage of the dog

Before domestication, the bevy provided security. Their relationships were formed and developed exclusively within it. We can translate this to the modern human-dog relationship by approaching our pets through the behavioural patterns within the bevy.

Play, daily walks and exercise are great simulations of hunting. The physical touch plays at least as important a role, so taking a nap and relaxing together after a walk or a game seems like an unmissable opportunity. Cuddling makes little sense to a four-legged friend, and can even be threatening at times, but a little petting on the sofa is doggy heaven on earth.

Those soft little ears

There’s a spot behind the ears – yes, that spot – that houses a nerve centre, and gently rubbing, scratching and caressing it releases a whole host of wonderful happy hormones. Endorphin acts as a painkiller and Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone. A good ear rub will not only make your doggy feel better, but we’re sure you’ll feel much better too.

You don’t even have to be ashamed to babble!

We’ve all been caught up in the “I love you so much, I’m going to eat you” kind of crooning and cooing, because of heightened emotions. Here’s the good news, dogs love it!

Research shows that dogs understand even more human words than they first thought. So if you find yourself coming home from work and telling Morji about the trials and tribulations of your morning meeting 10 minutes ago, and how your chocolate is stuck in the vending machine again – don’t stop!

You can even share your bedtime reading with him; reading aloud can be particularly helpful in calming down hyperactive four-legged friends.

Can’t take my eyes off you…

We immediately thought of the spaghetti romance of Lady and the Tramp. If you notice your puppy giving you a loving look, don’t hesitate to reciprocate! This kind gesture not only raises Oxytocin levels in dogs, but also in humans.

Your face is also a good way to show love

You’ve probably noticed that your puppy reacts instantly to your mood. Studies show that dogs understand our feelings and moods by our facial expressions.

In fact, Japanese behavioural scientists have even discovered that when a dog feels connected to a human, it raises its eyebrows. The left one a little higher than the right one. When you get home from work, instead of a kiss, greet your little companion with a combination of a kind smile and slightly raised eyebrows. Just the way you look at babies in a pram.

Food is not love!

While it’s tempting to show your affection with tasty treats, with dogs it’s worth saving the reward snack for the training session. Like kisses and cuddles, save the special treats for family and friends.

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